Has Your Mold Permanently Moved In?


If you're able to locate mold early, you can terminate the issue and get back to a healthy home. Sometimes, though, the mold damage can be so severe or it hits the points where the cost to have it removed stops making sense. If your house is at that point, get rid of the mold in your house by selling it to Mold Removal altogether! We will buy your home in cash so it no longer is a burden to you, and you can move into a more healthy, friendly home.

The benefits of selling your house to Mold Removal:

  • Get rid of your unsafe home
  • Use the money to move into a mold-free home
  • Peace of mind with not having to find someone to take over your home
  • Get paid in cash for your home

Call Mold Removal at 703-282-0051 to get a free estimate or to schedule something today. We service all of the Sterling, VA and Reston, VA areas as well as Potomac, MD. Don't wait for your home's value to decrease; call us now to get your cash for mold!