How to Restore Your Home After Significant Damage

property & Home restoration in Sterling, Reston, VA & Potomac, MD

Your home is flooded – thankfully, the water didn’t damage your furniture. The experts at Mold Removal can perform a property restoration at your Sterling, Reston, VA & Potomac, MD home to fix everything else.

Our home restoration services include removing all of the undamaged belongings so we can clean up the mess. We’ll get rid of damaged carpet, drywall and other items that are beyond repair. Once we repair the damage, we’ll move all of your belongings back in.

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home restoration services in sterling va

Your home will be back to normal in no time

What can you expect when you hire Mold Removal for property restoration services? Here's a peak at our process:

  • We'll inventory your items in a comprehensive list.
  • We'll put all of your items into containers and move them into a warehouse.
  • We'll clean up your home.
  • We'll move all of your items back into your home.

We have the skills needed to take your home from a disaster zone to a beautiful space. Call us ASAP at 703-282-0051 to schedule your property restoration.